Read, if you are a Real Estate Developer or Investment Advisor

First Level properties in unique locations in the world.

We offer for sale, our properties, which have a huge potential for real estate development, hotel and tourism.

We look for

  • Real estate development companies.
  • Investment Funds.
  • Architectural studies and urban development.
  • Hotel and Tourism developers

Which are interested in investing or developing real estate companys.

Our Properties

    Property number 1 (Land)

  • More than 60 hectares in Costa Rica, in a sector with tremendous potential for residential, hotel and turistic.
  • Great level of constructability.
  • Privileged Location to a few meters from the sea.

Property number 2 (Land)

  • 200 virgin hectares in protected sector, especially tourism development oriented, adventure, recreational and high level residential.
  • Low level of constructability, ensuring vegetation and natural environment, in a place that retains its identity surrounded by mountains and waterfalls.

Our Compromise

  •  All information for a succesfull business are abailable for our cusmomers.
  •  All the properties titles are checked for our legal departament.

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